Noticia Foro Sostenibilidad Renault - Idalsa

IDALSA at the Renault Spain Sustainability Forum

IDALSA took part in the Sustainability Forum promoted by the car company Renault España. The event took place at the Renault Valladolid facilities, where Fernando Lou, General Manager of the company, participated as speaker in front of more than 80 managers and employees.

The presentation was focused on the use of aluminium in the manufacture of vehicles and how the introduction of this material in the sector, replacing heavier materials, has led to an important reduction in fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Fernando Lou reviewed the different elements of vehicles that are currently manufactured with aluminium, taking place of other metals, their predominant alloys and the weight savings that each one can represent. He ended his presentation with an overall assessment, providing specific data: each kilogram of aluminium that has replaced other heavier materials has meant a reduction of 18 kg of CO2 equivalent emissions during the useful life of the vehicle.

Moreover, aluminium is a low-density material that is extremely light, strong and malleable. It is also a good conductor, both electrically and thermally, reflects electromagnetic radiation well and does not rust or burn, making it an excellent material for application in the various mechanical parts of vehicles.

What stands out most about aluminium is that it is 100% and infinitely recyclable, making it a key and strategic material for the present and future of many sectors, including the automotive one, as it has an infinite life cycle, can be recycled in its entirety without losing any of its properties and maintaining its quality intact.

IDALSA, green and sustainable aluminium for the automotive industry.