IDALSA_Encuentro descarbonización

IDALSA, an industry actively engaged in decarbonization

IDALSA recently participated in the event “Decarbonization Experiences in Industry and Mobility,” organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Zaragoza with the aim of enabling industrial and mobility sector companies to exchange knowledge and collaborate on decarbonization projects in line with European and Spanish regulations.

In the current context, where awareness of environmental and climate challenges is increasing, reducing carbon emissions has become an urgent priority. From the industry to the shared mobility sector, companies are seeking ways to reduce their carbon footprint and actively contribute to a more sustainable future. During this event, various companies, including IDALSA, gathered to exchange experiences, successes, and challenges in implementing projects aimed at reducing their carbon emissions. From innovative technological solutions to resource management strategies, the event, held in collaboration with Siemens and Ibercaja, provided a detailed insight into these organizations’ commitment to combating climate change and towards a cleaner, more sustainable future.

IDALSA highlighted the significant contribution of recycled aluminium in reducing the carbon footprint, both in its manufacturing process and as a replacement for primary aluminium, throughout the entire lifecycle of products made with this material. Additionally, the company shared its experience and the qualities of its product as support for weight reduction in the automotive sector, and its contribution to low-emission mobility.

The event featured Mar Paños, general director of industrial promotion and innovation in the Government of Aragon, María Teresa Ruiz, responsible for European funds and sustainability in Ibercaja’s corporate banking, and Miguel Ángel Almalé, territorial director of Siemens Technical Solutions, as key speakers.

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