IDALSA renews its Aragon Social Responsibility Seal for the year 2024

IDALSA, one of the largest manufacturers of ingots from recycled and cast aluminum, has once again obtained its Aragon Social Responsibility Seal (RSA) for the year 2024. This achievement highlights the company’s commitment to sustainability and its outstanding contribution to Corporate Social Responsibility in the Autonomous Community of Aragon.

With this renewal, it again emphasizes its commitment to good governance practices and its high positive impact on sustainability, recertifying as a socially responsible entity. The renewal process for this seal is the result of continuous efforts to meet rigorous evaluations and criteria established by the Government of Aragon, in collaboration with key entities such as CEOE Aragon, Cepyme Aragon, UGT Aragon, and CC.OO Aragon.

Corporate Social Responsibility, at its core, represents a set of commitments of various kinds, including economic, social, and environmental aspects, adopted by companies, organizations, and both public and private institutions. These commitments go beyond compliance with current legislation, contributing to social and economic progress within the framework of sustainable development, emphasizing the promotion of transparency, respect for employees, relationships with stakeholders, and a commitment to the environment.

Several factors have been key in its certification, such as the promotion of circular economy and responsible waste management, as well as the development of ethical policies with stakeholders. The company continues its steadfast commitment to sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility and takes pride in its contribution to a more ethical, socially, and environmentally responsible world.

IDALSA, an example of commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.