Foto noticia IDALSA proyecto s-X-AIPI

IDALSA participates in the s-X-AIPI Artificial Intelligence Project

IDALSA has become a part of the fascinating s-X-AIPI project (self-X Artificial Intelligence for European Process Industry digital transformation), which its aim is equipping the European Industry with an innovative range of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. The objective is to make industry procedures, products, and processes more agile and resilient, thereby fostering an ecosystem of industrial Circular Economy.

Through its involvement in this project, IDALSA will integrate new, eco-friendly, and dependable Artificial Intelligence tools into its facilities. These tools will enable the optimization of resources and processes, resulting in improved traceability across the supply chain and a more valuable contribution to a Circular Economy ecosystem.

The “M12 Review Meeting”, held last May at the AIMEN Technology Centre in Pontevedra, Spain, brought together all participating partners of s-X-AIPI. The purpose was to analyse and assess the project’s progress at the 12-month mark since its beginning.

IDALSA remains dedicated to digital transformation and sustainable development.