About Us


Ibérica de Aleaciones Ligeras

Since 1984, Ibérica de Aleaciones Ligeras (IDALSA) has been manufacturing aluminium ingots in different formats and chemical compositions, from the recycling and smelting of waste and scrap. With a wide experience and know-how, IDALSA grows constantly and sustainably through continuous improvement, anticipating the needs of a market in continuous evolution and with a deep commitment to the environment.

Our high level of customisation and adaptability to our customers allows us to supply a wide range of products to a variety of sectors such as automotive, furniture, domestic radiators and steelwork, among others.

At IDALSA we work every day to be a national and international benchmark in offering sustainable solutions, and to be an example of Green Industry that bases its business model on the Circular Economy and Sustainability in its three areas: environment, social and economic.

The relationship with our customers, suppliers and collaborators, based on mutual trust, reliability, credibility, professional responsibility and reciprocal contribution of value, are main pillars of our relations with all our stakeholders.

Our vision is based on continuing working to consolidate our position as a national and international benchmark not only in terms of the industrial activity carried out but also in terms of the direct consequences it has regarding innovation and research, sustainability and the environment, as well as its contribution to the activation of the regional economy through the maintenance and generation of employment.



Our mission is focused towards total commitment to Quality in both our products and production processes, being an important part of the company culture through the daily commitment and performance of our employees.



Our mission is developed in the absolute and scrupulous respect of the principles for Sustainable Development of the United Nations (SDG).



Both principles and values that guarantee a balanced and correct relationship with all our stakeholders and that result in our character marked by the seriousness, credibility and professional responsibility that distinguishes us in the market.

IDALSA belongs to ALIBERICO, the first Spanish private group and the first European family group of semi-processed aluminium products. A leader thanks to its own technology, wide range of products and premium brands.

With factories on 3 continents and a commercial presence in more than 90 countries, its firm commitment to innovation has led it to develop top-of-the-range products for sectors as diverse as building, food, pharmaceuticals, mass transport and alternative energies, making it a leader in each sector in which it operates