IDALSA’s activity is based on recycling aluminium waste and manufacturing 100% green and 100% sustainable products. All of the raw material is used and reused to give it a new life, thus promoting the Circular Economy.

IDALSA has an infinite production process that is developed taking into account, at all times, a product life cycle perspective. From the acquisition of raw materials to their transport to the final sale.

IDALSA is the perfect example of sustainability, both in terms of the environment and in terms of social and governance.


Firstly, because of the natural properties of its raison d’être, aluminium. This raw material has the characteristic of being 100% and infinitely recyclable, without losing its properties during the production or recycling process.

Secondly, because IDALSA has developed its own technology and processes to be highly efficient, reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Secondary liquid aluminium saves 95% of energy compared to primary aluminium. In addition, the oxy-combustion technology implemented by the company in the burners of the furnaces also means a significant reduction in energy consumption, between 35%-50% less.

On the other hand, IDALSA’s recycling activity is carried out following strict quality control and subsequent monitoring.

The company classifies the raw material according to the alloys and the final destination of the product and pre-treats it before the smelting process. Thanks to this, the use of fluxing salts is reduced and the rate of waste per kilogram of aluminium obtained is reduced.


The company’s main asset is its people. Since the beginning of the project, IDALSA has been committed to the environment, creating social wealth and quality employment in the area. It is made up of a multidisciplinary team of more than 40 workers, aligned in culture and values.

IDALSA is committed to its team and invests all the necessary resources to guarantee the occupational health and well-being of its workers. It regularly offers specific courses on occupational risk prevention so that its team is aware of and can prevent the risks associated with their jobs.

IDALSA bases the internal promotion of its staff on meritocracy, without making distinctions based on gender, age or ethnicity.

In these more than 30 years the company has not stopped growing, and is currently a benchmark in this important industrial sector both nationally and internationally. In the coming years, the company will continue contributing decisively to the positive results of the local and regional economy and to the maintenance and creation of quality employment.


IDALSA has extensive agreements and alliances with partners and suppliers both nationally and internationally, with the aim of strengthening its link with a vision of sustainable development.

In IDALSA’s continuous concern to reduce its waste, it signed a Collaboration Agreement with the Canadian company KPM (Kingston Process Metallurgy Inc) to examine, analyse, simulate and propose to IDALSA alternative R&D processes that improve the profitability of the current facilities.

In the coming years, is expected to sign new collaboration agreements that will allow both the company and the collaborator to mobilise the necessary resources to achieve the objectives and promote a better and more equitable world.